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Certification Boot Camp on Self Defence

We feel Delighted in sharing that students of GL Bajaj got a superb opportunity to participate in a two days certification boot camp on Self Defence in collaboration with Jwala Mahila Smiti on 22nd & 23rd August 2019 organised by GL BAJAJ Gr. Noida. The event witnessed eminent speakers sharing their stories and illuminating both male and female students about women empowerment. Col. V N Thapar (Retired Army officer) shared the rousing stories of various women who with their boldness, moral fortitude, physical fearlessness are a motivation to ladies. He also shared about his son Capt.Vijyant Thapar who was martyred during Kargil war.

The Guest of honour Mr. Ranvijay Singh (Sp Rural) Greater Noida also enlightened the gathering and made them aware about various helplines and provisions for women. Another Guest of honour Dr. Divya Gupta President (Jwala Mahila Smiti) filled the environment with vitality and sharpened both the genders regarding women protection, equality and empowerment.

They urged young ladies not to let the feeling of vulnerability to harvest into them however fight against all the odds in the society. Boot camp got concluded with a Self Defence training Session by Jwala Mahila Smiti Team.